Fashion Crossroad

This year (or this season) Fashion Crossroad (FC) was nice. Nice and...small. Last season I was so happy about the place FC got - Bonver arena in the centre of Ostrava. Bigindustrial place SO fitting to the ,,young independent fashion designers". For some reason though, they had to move back to the place where they were at the begining - one floor of Výstaviště Černá louka, which location is very good - place itself...not that much.

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I went there with my mum, to take look at it and buy something, of possible. ^^

Walking through the first ,,street" of tables and mini tans with clothes and jewelry I realised one thing: After two previous years I already know all this people - which wouldn't be a problem at all, BUT they're selling the same things. And when I mean the same...

I have quite a memory on jewlery. I really liked buttons, headbands and jewlery from woman who didn't even had a cards, so I don't know her name - I knew all her things from last year. She sewed a few new things, but nothing special. And the deep green jacket with pale pink roses on it was still there. And still two sizes big. :'( Lady JustArch with tiny necklaces and cute turtles, very kind and villing to share the magic of her art.

Moving on. Right behind her I found mum's first studen't, lady Sugkrasisa. Since I know her for a few years, I know her designs and I really like her style. (Do you hate that word as much as I do?!)

Then I saw sellers from previous seasons, guy with really nice and fluffy stuffed animals from organic cotton, (or what), young lady with beautiful purses, bags and even obi belts from nice flowery fabric. She also had a resin jewlery (My ,,Keep calm and Carry on ring" comes from her) and beautiful necklaces and hairpins with tiny cute flowers and roses. Lady e-liska with typical african jewlery from cotton, lady with tea and sweets, Flamingo park, which this season offer was far below the usual and ŤikTakJinak, lady I never saw before (but I definitely want to see her again), and which is a great rival for one friend of mine, but with such a cool things! Mum bought me one steampunky earrings there and she got ones, too. :) And last one from jewlery, lady Elladora with her safari-like jewlery. Both me and mum couldn't resist. :)

In the last ,,street" there was another mum's student from local shop Pastelka  and I met my friends, Fabi, Elisse, Paula and Ejzan. Later I was even able to give my Koblíženec a gift I made for her, so, success.

05:45PM or so the fashion program started, a few authors with their collection. I din't like most of them, thing that was in there, it wasn't fashion, it was really nice and fresh-coloured sportswear.
There were about two or three designers I liked a dresses or skirts from, aside of Sugkrasisa, I don't remember their name, though. So at last I have some photos. :)

Overall, It's clear that FC is made for young people, let's settle the ,,age line" at 27 years. There wasn't as much sellers as it used to be at previous sessions, there wasn't as much people as it used to be...at last their cafeteria was good and the fashion show on the end was fun. BUT if the models weren't as trained as they were, if they made it regular fashion show, can you imagine how would that look? Such a boring show? So my admiration goes to the choreographer of the whole show.

Also the three organizers, especially Inka, whose mum's student :D did a pretty good work on it.


And photo of a pillow for Fabi. :)

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