Semi Precious Weapons

Just look at how they look and what they say.
Everything has a reason.

Colours of Ostrava 2011 was one of the best.

And clip from CoO 2011


A study in...perfume!

I was collecting (and using, of course) perfumes and fragnances and ,,Eau de Toilette" since...ever, actually.
My first perfume was Barbie one, when I was at first grade of an elementary school.

I was getting perfumes for Christmas and birthdays since I was... fourteen or fifteen years old. I remember I've got one from Oriflame when I was twelve years old but I wasn't actually using it, so mum decided it's not the time for perfume lectures yet. She tried again next christmas, she gave me Benetton collection of four Eau de Toilettes with different smells and I started to using it quite frequently.

About two years later I've got Marc O'Polo which I had to buy  twice since it was so pretty, clear smell. I stopped buying it then because I was using it while I was finishing my elementary school and starting the secondary one. It wasn't very nice mental era for me and I couldn't use it anymore then, because it was connectet to not actually happy memories. I was looking for it last summer, I wanted to give it a chance again, but I didn't find it anywhere.
...Moschino's I love Love, Morgan's Morgan de Toi for Her, and Esprit's Collection, which was my first ,,evening" perfume. Somewhen between them I tried Puma's Animagical, which was clearly for my free time while I was excercising, but after I finished one bottle, I couldn't use it anymore, it was simple and cheap perfumed water and I became quite sensitive for these smells, so I can't stand it anymore. Then my bio era came and I tried L'Occitane's Orange - I've stucked with this twice. Then L'Occitane's Verbena, twice, too. For the last summer I had Elizabeth's Arden Green Tea, which was a beautiful, pure smell, forever connected with my trip to Luhačovice spa.

Last summer I've ordered a miniature of Christian Lacroixe's Bazaar, which was heavy, kind of... ,,difficult" smell, but I liked it a lot.
Since Christmas 2012 I am using L'acoste's Midnight for a winter, and I feel very comfortable with it. The one I am using now is my second bottle.
Another eau de toilette I am using is Yves Rocher's Bambou, which is very fresh and perfect for my sports and very active evening.

Newest perfumes that just came are miniature of Lolita Lempicka: Lolita Lempicka for Women, and three testers - Thierry Mugler's Alien, which is fascinating and incredibely heavy perfume, Salvatore's Ferragano's Fascinating night, which is very sweet (I don't like sweet perfumes, heh) and Parfums Grése's MYTHOS, which reminds me of Bazaar and I want it. (heh)

Marc O'Polo (2x)

Moschino - I love love

L'Occitane - Orange (2x)

Elizabeth Arden
Christian Lacroix

L'Occitane - Verbena (2x)

Lacoste - Midnight rose (2x)

Yves Rocher - Bambou
Thierry Mugler - Alien
(This one is crazy)

Salvadore Ferragano - Fascinating night (too sweet)

Grése - MYTHOS
(Me - want)

And now, a gift for us, perfume freaks.

So tiiinyyy

On the left my mum's 50ml Lolita

My 5mls baby

Old 80ml, new 50ml, new 5ml.