After a long, long time I decided to buy a most expensive make-up item I ever had. (I mean in decorative cosmetic)

After trying several different make-ups, I bought Clinique anti - blemish liquid make-up.
It's designed for oily skin with acne, which I have.
It's light, with mattying effect, so I don't even have to use mattying powder anymore.
It's perfume free, tested for allergies.

...In case of ingestion see a doctor.

Since we did quite a purchase in Douglas perfumery, we've got a lot of testers a t-shirt.
...With small golden B on the front  ... and big ,,Beyoncé HEAT" on the back. Hm.

Finally I'll try Biosilk, silk therapy for hair.
I can see it on every blog, so I'm really curious.

I also got testers for Jour d'Hermés, Couture LaLa and Oriens by Van Sleef & Arpels (this one is awesome).

It was quite succesfull shopping...two hours.

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